Ethical Gemstone Sourcing

At Caram, ethical sourcing is at the heart of our mission. We prioritize responsible practices to ensure the provenance and quality of our gemstones, building trust with our customers. Learn more about our dedication to sustainable and ethical gemstone sourcing

Caram emerald gems
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The gemologists at Caram ensure that the gemstones are ethically sourced in several ways:

  • 01.They work closely with the company's suppliers to ensure that the gemstones are sourced from reputable mines and that the workers involved in the mining process are treated fairly and paid a fair wage.
  • 02.They conduct regular visits to the mines and factories to ensure that the working conditions are safe and that the workers are not subjected to any form of exploitation.
  • 03.They ensure that the gemstones are not associated with any conflict or illegal activities, such as those involving human rights abuses or environmental damage.
  • 04.They check that the suppliers have proper documentation for the gemstones, including certificates of origin and proof of ethical sourcing.
  • 05.They also ensure that the suppliers are in compliance with international regulations and standards, such as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which aims to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds.
ICA Accredited Ethical Member 2023

We are an Accredited Ethical Member (AEM) of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA). This means that we have committed ourselves to responsible, ethical, and sustainable gemstone trading practices, including responsible sourcing of gemstones, abiding by duties of disclosure regarding treatment of gemstones, and following the ICA Code of Ethics. When you purchase a gemstone or fine jewelry from Caram you can rest assured that our products have been sourced with duty and care to assure the wellbeing of the communities involved in the gemstone supply chain.