Caram is pleased to provide you with some guides on how to protect your gemstone and fine jewelry. Scroll down for more information!
Caram maintains the highest standards in design, materials, and artisanal craftsmanship. With some simple, basic care, you can help preserve and protect your fine jewelry so that it can last lifetimes; with the intent of being passed down from generation to generation.

Fine jewelry can be vulnerable from prolonged exposure and collision. It is important to preserve and protect your fine jewelry properly. We recommend that when not wearing your fine jewelry, keep it inside a soft and dry protective surface, or inside the fine jewelry pouch that it comes with. This will maintain the quality of the fine jewelry and prevent damages. Try to keep your fine jewelry away from direct sunlight, water/humidity, perfumes, fragrances, lotions and sprays. Professional cleanings are recommended as often as once a year.

If you wish to repair an item that has been damaged through accidents or standard usage, we can assist you in repairing the item at your cost. For any enquiries regarding repairs please contact us at for further assistance.

Please refer to each of the materials below for a more detailed care guide.

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