Ring Size Guide

Ring size vary from different people and the measurement is an important process in fine jewelry purchasing. The following are important tips to consider when measuring ring sizes.

Follow these tips to get the best ring sizes measurement at home

Your ring should fit snugly on your finger. It should slide on smoothly, but it shouldn’t come off easily. That’s what makes a ring properly sized as it minimizes the risk of loss and it won’t put too much pressure on your fingers. For best measurements, take your measurements in millimetres.
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  • 01.Temperature matters Fingers get bigger in warmth and shrink in cold so measure yours in warm temperatures at the end of the day, as the finger will be at its largest then.
  • 02.Consider the ring type Wide rings (>6 mm) need a larger size for most people. This is because a wide band allows more space under the band for the finger. Add 0.25 to 0.5 size, for instance, if your ring size is 6 after measuring, make it 6.25 or 6.5 if you are going for the wider band. Also, some rings are difficult to resize or are often impossible to size without a loss in the aesthetic so it’s important to get the ring sizes right for those types of rings.
  • 03.Fingers are different Generally speaking, one of your hands is slightly larger (about half a size) than the other. This hand is usually your dominant hand. To avoid any errors, it is important that you measure the finger you plan to wear the ring on.
  • 04.Account for knuckles If the base of your finger is a lot smaller than your knuckle and you’re using the printed ring sizer, measure both the base of your finger and your knuckle, and select a size in between the two. That will help you choose a size that will allow the ring to slide over your knuckle but won’t be too large to be comfortably worn on the base of your finger.
  • 05.Go larger When two ring sizes seem to fit or if you get two different finger measurements, we advise you to go for the bigger measurement or consult a professional if you can.
  • 06.Repeat Checking your size more than once will help you get the right fit the first time. It will also prevent you from spending unnecessary time, money, and energy to resize the ring.
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