JNA Show Daily September 2013: Fine gems from Caram

Founded by Raj Jain in Idar-Oberstein nearly four decades ago, Caram e.K. is a manufacturer and dealer of diamonds, coloured gemstones and fine jewellery.

The gemstone manufacturer and wholesaler said it has an extensive collection of goods, including rare and important gemstones. The company also assists its clients in creating diamond, gemstone and bespoke jewellery suites.

One of the major pieces that Caram is showcasing at the September Hong Kong Fair is a 10.32-carat natural unheated Burmese sapphire of Royal Blue colour. The stone is exceptionally rare and has ideal proportions, Jain said. Another remarkable item is a 4.17-carat Burmese ruby that is a “perfect Pigeon’s Blood” in colour. “This stone is from the famous Mogok mine in Burma and exhibits a lovely lustre and fire,” he said.

Caram is also presenting a gem-quality emerald from Colombia. The 3.92-carat stone is loupe clean and “extra fine” in colour. “The stone has been cut to maximise its face, which makes the stone appear about 5 carats in size despite its actual size of 3.92 carats,” Jain said. Caram’s booth is located at the Fine Gem Pavilion (AWE 9F34).